Terms and conditions

Before using Productinfo24.com, please read following terms.

  1. Productinfo24.com guarantees safe and secure environment to keep and share product information
  2. Productinfo24.com does everything in its power to provide correct product information. However, Productinfo24.com can not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of published information, and therefore does not take responsibility for any consequences of using such information.
  3. Registration and privacy
    1. It is mandatory to present the information requested when registering as a user. The user can later add, modify or specify the information provided.
    2. Productinfo24.com does not use users’ data for sending them information which is not related to usage of Productinfo24.com
  4. When linking the products with company, the user is taking a role of Product Information Manager. That role includes also responsibility to update the product information published in Productinfo24.com (including photos)
  5. Security and confidentiality
    1. Productinfo24.com intervenes into the content managed by the user only if support is needed, or the user does not follow the terms.
    2. If any questions arise about terms of usage or protection of rights, please contact immediately Productinfo24.com.
  6. Productinfo24.com has a right to change and/or update the website content, procedures, documentation etc. of Productinfo24.com without prior notice to users. All changes are regarded to be announced to users after publishing on Productinfo24.com webpage.
  7. When starting to use Productinfo24.com, the user confirms that he has read the Terms and conditions, understood and accepted them in full.
  8. Productinfo24.com has the right to use product information for commercial purposes and share it with third parties.