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Simple and free PIM solution is an open and free product data enrichment and management solution for companies and public use.

Open and public

Our catalog contains data from different sources - product data entered by users (crowdsourced) and PIM data from companies. If companies find in our database products they want to supply in particular country, they can apply PIM role for these products and take responsibility over their product data in this country. But the data in our catalog is always public and search engines’ friendly.

Simple UI

Simplicity for users is the most important value for us. We want to be the simplest product data management solution on earth, without compromising the required level of details, functionality and standards. The time and attention we put into UI development is extraordinary.

Enriched product data

Our product data structure includes up to 250 data fields. We cover information on brands and producers, food and nutrition, alcohol, logistics, storage, categorizing, suppliers, pictures, manuals and other files. We have a simple Excel / csv data import template and export features for the master data file, the largest retailers’ info sheets, PDF info-sheet and API link.

EU product legislation for FMCG

Our current focus is on the EU region and besides other common product data management standards, we follow the strict rules of EU product information legislation for FMCG. Data is structured and enriched according to the updated European Commission regulations and users are supported by clear guidelines of the use of product information in EU. We consider it one of our unique strengths among the PIM solutions for FMCG companies in Europe.

Free international master data management

Enter your product data once and it is usable everywhere. Only data fields in a local language (product name, description, e.g.) should be translated locally. As our data structure covers all of the company's ERP and sales systems, sales channels and product information support for marketing, we offer an excellent solution for company’s product master data management. It is easy and free for companies to integrate master data in our catalog with their in-house systems through API.

Integration with channels

Our API enables real-time data integration with third parties. Retailers, e-commerce and other bulk product data users can have access to all our PIM data in real time (data approved by companies).
Please contact us for more information.

Integration with the assortment management tool

Companies can use our assortment management tool where they can record all listed products in retail chains. It is easy to match all listed products with retailers’ store-levels and actual stores. There’s an optional feature which shows publicly the exact stores on the map where consumers can buy this product.
Please contact us for more information.

Integration with the availability check tool

Availability check tool allows companies to have real-time and fact-based statistics of all store visits their sales people do. Using any internet connected smart phone, sales reps can see the list of all listed products in this particular store and give status to each product (ok; out-of-stock; low-stock). Key account manager has real-time status on the Dashboard and can issue the actual fact-based reports with out of stock figures of visited stores. The tool works well also if the company uses third-party sales team service.
This service is available only together with the assortment management tool. Please contact us for more information.

Tiina Aas
Partner OÜ
+372 504 8468

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