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{{ item.ean }} is a free and open product data management solution for keeping and sharing FMCG product data such as information about Product, Brand and Producer, nutrition data and all logistic data.

Products in our database can be reached by using common public search engines. To add new products or edit current information, the user registration is required. Before that, we kindly ask to read the terms and conditions. does not check accuracy of information added by users, we rely on good will of all users to be a part of creating the product information database. is also free for companies for storing and sharing their product data.

- The product with such sign means that the product has a product information manager (PIM) responsible for information available for that particular product. Regular user has no access to edit that product data.

For companies

For companies we provide a tool to keep, update and share their products’ information with third parties. Having uploaded the information once, it can be reached anywhere.

Keeping the product information updated on webpage, you can enjoy several advantages for free:

  • Well structured and detailed product database with screen quality photos
  • Convenient to share information with partners (retailers and e-stores, etc.)
  • Product data are easily applicable in different countries, only text fields are to be translated
  • Product data are indexed and can be reached by using common public search engines
  • Automatic integration with your company’s homepage and sales management system
  • Printable product sheets in PDF

To create a company account in, you have to follow the next steps:

  • Please read the Terms and conditions
  • Sign up as a user of first, and then create your company account. You can add other users if needed
  • Download product information template here and fill in all required fields

  • Import the filled product information file to If the file includes products that are currently in the database, the import of filled fields will overwrite the existing information. Import of empty fields will not delete the existing data in the fields. And of course, you can edit the product data directly in, if needed
  • Find your products in the database (using the brand name) and upload the product photo(s)
  • After you have completed filling all required fields, you can link the product with your company applying PIM role (Set my company as Product Information Manager). Now you are the data manager of the product and no one else can edit it
  • Use and share your product data as needed

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